top payday loansAnd even though this doesn’t pertain exactly to dress………if receiving communion in the hand…

And even though this doesn’t pertain exactly to dress………if receiving communion in the hand…

And even though this doesn’t pertain exactly to dress………if receiving communion in the hand…

So glad to read posts like this, cos they get us thinking about some issues we take for granted

We should not see this as a way to dictact for people what to and what not to wear. This should help ups reflect on the way we approach issues concerning important things in our lives. One of the reasons I think faith is reducing in our lives is the fact that we have loosing that sense of awe and occasion as this news anchor puts it. Lets look at it this way, if we were invited to have dinner with the president or to receive an award, one would not hear some of the “I feel comfortable in them” comments. We would dress up in our best and try to look good and presentable. Or think about people going for an interview or some big social functions, people usually put on nice things. Again I repeat that we should not see this issue as trying to take away our “freedom”, rather it should help up when we are excising this freedome and make good choices for what we wear and how we wear them. There is really nothing wrong with putting on a jean and and nice shirt and shoes. The issue is to look good. The really good aspect of dressing up, especially to church, is to keep alive the sense that this is not just another of those casual events, but we are in the presence of each other, to worship our God and maker. Once we begin to casualise and trivilise everything, the begin to loose their meaning and after a while you hear some people saying, this makes no sense to me. Well may we you or I have removed the sense from it.

I apologize in advance that my comment will be long. I worked at a church as a youth minister. One of the topics we discussed was modesty and what we wore to church. I asked the teens to run an experiment and see if wearing a nice pair of pants, button down shirt, etc. made a difference in how they were treated in Mass. No one tried it out payday loans in Oklahoma. Instead they wore what they always wore: short skirts, low cut blouses, flip flops, torn up jeans, etc. I was very disappointed, but it seems that this is the norm of our youth. To top it all off, I’m not that much older than them. I’m in my 20s. What’s worse is that their parents, who are older than myself, wear the exact same things to Mass. It seems to me that it’s very difficult to encourage teens and older children to dress appropriately if their own parents won’t ditch the jeans for a nice skirt.

And it isn’t just the teens that I’ve noticed doing this. Yesterday, I noticed a girl about 9 or 10 was wearing a tank top, daisy duke shorts, and calf high boots to Mass with her younger sister and her grandmother. Why did the grandmother not tell her to wear something more appropriate? And why is a young girl thinking that a “sexy” outfit is appropriate to have in her closet in the first place? I’m appalled.

They didn’t even want to

Dear Msgr: I just posted about this issue of dress on my blog and was directed by a commenter to your blog post here. My issue comes more from the point of those of us who have struggled with purity for years and find that the way people dress in Mass becomes a possible occasion of sin for us weaker ones. I have to be honest, I enjoy daily Mass at 630 AM (instead of Mass on Sunday) more because this is not such an issue. God bless you, for this post.

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