american payday loansMy question regards men who are bald

My question regards men who are bald

My question regards men who are bald

After reading this blog, perhaps I will try a little harder to find more dresses

What does one wear to church if he needs to protect himself from drafts since he is bald? Unless he wears a wig or perhaps the hood of the pleurants, any head covering on a man will elicit corrections from ushers and many well-meaning parishioners. Then he must patiently, or not so patiently, explain during Mass that the pastor has given him permission to wear a hat or reveal that his health requires it.

Personally, I usually wear a skirt and a top with sleeves to Mass. I have a few dresses that I wear for special occasions such as Christmas, Confirmations, etc., but it is hard to find a dress that fits.

God doesn’t see me at my best all the time

THere was an older man in my parish some years back with the problem you describe and he wore a very subtle and close fitting skull cap, kind of a yalmulke but one that covered more of his dead than a yarmulke usually does. I think a skit and blouse are just fine by the way. I suppose a dress is a bit more elegant in most circumstances but a skirt and blouse are also very nice.

I grew up going to church with my very classy Italian grandmother. And got a good laugh while she very loudly criticized what people were wearing to church, namely the women. I vividly remember the time that she literally threw a fit because a girl sitting near us (she was in her mid to late teens) was wearing a miniskirt (VERY short I might add), a tank top, and 5 inch platform flip flops to church (how could she walk in those things?) Since my grandmother has passed, I have kept her words, and the memory of her style very near and dear to my heart.

One question I do have (and maybe other crazy hospital workers who decide to do church after a long night shift can attest to this) is, is it ok to wear scrubs to Sunday Mass, or should we bring something to change into? Scrubs are very casual, but on the other hand, the last thing I want to do after a 12 or 16 hour shift is change into something that might be a little more form fitting than scrubs. Most people in church seem ok with it, and I haven’t gotten any dirty looks yet.

Oh, and my grandmother never wore pants unless she was exercising. She was always in a skirt and blouse, and nice shoes, and of course her Chanel No. 5 perfume. I do think that our culture has gotten much more casual, and I do agree that it is a reflection of the attitude that nothing matters. On the other hand, even if people are casually dressed for Sunday Mass, I’m happy that they are there. There definitely have been times where I’ve shown up for mass, daily or Sundays, not at my best. Wow, I would make such a bad lawyer because I see all sides of things…..good thing medicine appears to me my calling.

Sounds like your grandmother was a classy lady. I am aware that some people have to wear work attire to church due to a tight schedule. We do have medical personel in scrubs and other medical attire. SOmetimes too police officers and emergency workers attend in uniform. In proposing these norms I do not wish to be so rigid as to make attendance impossible. THey are general norms tht admit of exceptions.

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