express payday loansOnce the graduation application is filed, the Office of the Registrar will perform a degree check of the student’s coursework

Once the graduation application is filed, the Office of the Registrar will perform a degree check of the student’s coursework

Once the graduation application is filed, the Office of the Registrar will perform a degree check of the student’s coursework

Unofficial withdrawals occur when students cease to attend class(es) but do not officially withdraw. Refer to the Unofficial Withdrawal    section for information about how unofficial withdrawals affect financial aid.

Graduation and Commencement

An Application for Graduation is required of all students who expect to complete a certificate or degree. Additionally, students who wish to participate in commencement and/or receive a diploma are required to pay the graduation/diploma fee. The Application for Graduation is accessible in MyPark. Students must submit an application for each credential they expect to earn. Students may contact their advisors for assistance.

  • For Kansas City Area students and those participating in the commencement ceremony for the main campus, the graduation application is due March 15th for Spring commencement and October 15th for Fall commencement. If this date falls on a weekend, the deadline is extended to the next business day following the 15th.
  • Graduation applications for Campus Center commencement ceremonies are due 60 days prior to the ceremony the student plans to attend.
  • Students who apply by the deadline will have their names published in commencement booklet. Those who apply after the deadline may not appear in the commencement publication.
  • Students not participating in a commencement ceremony must apply no later than the final day of the session in which the student plans to graduate. Applications received after the session ends will be conferred at the end of the following session.

Students who need to change data from their graduation application (such as diploma name or address, commencement location, or expected graduation session) must contact the Office of the Registrar () to have their record updated.

Degree Check and Graduation

Any outstanding requirements are noted on the graduation/diploma application. Degrees are conferred at the end of each primary session (Fall 1, Fall, Spring 1, Spring, and Summer). In order to be considered for graduation, all coursework and other degree requirements must be completed as of the final day of the session to meet graduation requirements for that session. Students who have an Incomplete on their transcript cannot graduate until the end of the session in which the Incomplete(s) is cleared. Outstanding transcripts, test scores, Incomplete contracts, or other relevant materials must be received by the Office of the Registrar within three weeks of the end of the session in order for the student to graduate that session. If transcripts or test scores are received after that, degrees will be conferred at the end of the following session.

All correspondence concerning graduation and commencement will be sent to the student’s Park University email address. Students are responsible for checking their Park email.

Graduation Honors

  1. For the bachelor’s degree level: 30 or more earned hours from Park University The cumulative Park University grade point earned as follows:  
  2. Graduation Honors are not retroactive for those students receiving changes of grades or Incompletes. 


Students are expected to attend and participate in all classes, laboratories, and field work for which they are enrolled, and complete all work assigned by the instructor. Refer to the Tuition, Fees, Grants, Scholarships and Financial Aid    section of the catalog for the Student Attendance/Participation Policy for Financial Aid.

Athletic Participation Policy

Athletic participation is an important component of student life. Athletes are required to abide by all NAIA and Park University rules and regulations in order to participate in athletics. Athletes are expected to attend class sessions and are only permitted to miss class for athletic purposes when University-sanctioned competitions (including travel to or from the destination) conflict with classes. (It is not permissible for student-athletes to miss class for on campus practices, weight training, or related activities.) The student-athlete is responsible to notify his/her instructor at least one week prior to the missed class period(s) and to make arrangements for missed coursework. Providing the faculty member has been notified by the student-athlete, the faculty member will make arrangements for class assignments, quizzes, exams, or other assignments that conflict with contest or related travel dates. Faculty are encouraged to allow the student to make up missed exams and/or assignments upon the student’s return or, in some cases, may require that the work be submitted by the established deadline. All make up work and exams must be submitted by the last day of the session. If student-athletes have difficulty making arrangements with instructors to complete course requirements resulting from University-sanctioned competitions, students should contact the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Dr. Jayme Uden ().

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